Technology Driven Transactions
Today, we live in a world that is quite fast-paced and everything is desired, expected and delivered at an even faster rate. The advent of technology has eased our processes, made them quicker and more efficient with minimal human interaction and minimal room for error.
The group's management is constantly working on digitization of each and every process. From enquiry, quotations, sales orders, sales invoices, dispatch orders, payment reminders to customer feedback - every process is done digitally, through the system. A robust CRM and ERP system is in place and we are constantly updating and upgrading.
Through our website/app, you can get secure access to your customer information and once you have registered with your username and password, you can just log-in with your credentials and access the site. The site enables you to track orders and have an access to all quality assurance documents:
  • Place orders online
  • Request product specifications
  • Request Certification of Analysis, MSDS
  • Tracking Orders
  • Generate and Download Dynamic Reports
  • Get in touch with your local sales representative