Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions
No matter how progress-oriented your company is or how quality-intensive your products are, if you do not have the right kind of resources and distribution network to market it, your plans may fall short. You need a robust internal supply chain management system and a dedicated team that ensures flawless execution and timely delivery.
Our strategically located warehouses and offices, our diverse and versatile product basket, low-cost distribution capability and our strong relationship with our logistics partners help our customer save costs and have an efficient supply. Our various customised financing option has also made us the preferred financial partner to many SMEs.
At Prakash Chemicals, we have a technologically-advanced ERP system in place that has been implemented to conduct buying and selling transactions for all companies irrespective of their size and operative scale.

With the help of this ERP system, we manage the processing and integration of data in order to:

  • Reduce transportation costs
  • Increase efficiency with the help of transportation scheduling
  • Lower demurrage and detention costs
  • Create optimal routing plans
  • Reduce freight claims and disputes
  • Decrease overall errors and incidents throughout the system

The following processes and systems help us promise competitive costing and ensure timely delivery:

Customized solutions for each shipment thanks to our ability to negotiate with the transportation lines on a daily basis for obtaining the best routes, services and rates for our customer cargo

Own tonners to manage distribution of hazardous chemicals like Chlorine gas

Quick, effective and efficient custom clearance process and documentation

Apart from these,
some of our delivery solutions include:

Warehousing & Delivery with the help of a nationwide network of warehouses

Direct-to-Consumer Delivery

Small-scale distribution of specialty chemicals through our own inventory