Bringing Smiles through CSR

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a prototype for firms and businesses, which allow Organizations to do their bit for Society, Environment and Customers, has evolved from its early days. It was considered trendy by some firms. In the 21st century, it is no longer just fashionable but a business requirement. We see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) everywhere which includes Food Sponsoring, Marathons, Tech companies that make their Software open-source, Banks that offer Scholarships and Manufacturing Firms that donate to green causes. Creating full-fledged businesses and investing through helping hands in favour of Welfare is not a conflicting goal. They both play an important role in long term success.

Mr Dilip Shah, Prakash Chemicals (Trustee and Vice President of Vijay Vallabh Charitable Hospital - 40 Bed multi-speciality and Arpan Charitable Trust for Physically Challenged Children; Vadodara Society for Prevention of Cruelty on Animals - VSPCA; Chairman of Civic Affairs Committee of Federation of Gujarat Industries) contributes to the society through his noble deeds.

Furthermore, the Prakash Chemicals Family says that we all live for ourselves, but trust me living for others and doing something for them is a different feeling altogether. Bringing a smile to the life of the underprivileged just because your organization has pledged to educate underprivileged children and the women of Anganwadi Areas not only gives a sense of inner satisfaction but also pride and contentment. So, undertaking this CSR initiative, we have collaborated with the VMC. We have adopted 14 Anganwadi Centers in the Gorwa area near our office. It was duly started in 2011 with the recommendation of the Former Education Minister of Gujarat Smt. Anandiben Patel, who also wanted to help Anganwadi women become self-sustainable. She wanted to enhance the Regional Education System through CSR engagement. We, in collaboration with ICDS, initiated various programmes for malnourished children and pregnant women in underprivileged areas that were started in 2017 through our Project “KIRAN”. We have also extended our helping hand in upgrading Seven Anganwadies as Model Anganwadi (PLAYSCHOOL) with all facilities. To date, we have renovated and upgraded 4 Anganwadi Centres in Gorwa Area belonging to VMC. We aim to help others in need as well.

The important projects we have initiated are :
  • Starting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan near those areas where cleanliness and proper sanitization is required. We have undertaken every possible way to clean and sanitizes the environment with care and essential process.
  • As a part of our aim to prioritize education, we have provided Scholarships, Vocational Training and materials.
  • For women empowerment, we have tried to enhance and overcome the powerful concept of work from home and help women through their short-term businesses.
  • We also help prioritize the health of pregnant women and children by distributing medicines and vitamin supplements as prescribed by the Doctor.
  • An important initiative is taking care of the de-addiction process. We have organized awareness sessions in coordination with NGOs for the rehabilitation of people with addiction issues.
  • We have also provided a Mobile Van with a doctor who usually visits Anganwadi areas by providing medicines and necessary consultation.
  • We provide treatment for the needy for different mental illnesses as well. Families and people have turned to us for money and recuperation support. We always try to give them the best possible support. Also, we have distributed Masks, Sanitizers, Medicines and Raw Ration kits in the Gorwa region since the pandemic hit.
  • As a part of CSR Activity, Shah Foundation / CSR- Prakash Chemicals International Pvt. Ltd donated One Ambulance to Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) on 28th May 2021 to fight with Covid 19 Pandemic.

In today’s climate, while moral obligation may still be a contributing factor, I believe companies need to engage in corporate social responsibility and strategy just to keep up the noble work. Regardless of the size of your team, amount of money you spend, it is only your concept and plan for the corporate social responsibility that works for you and your team. Execute it and enjoy the benefits.

Never keep the intention to create only capital from business. Let us earn wishes and smile through welfare responsibilities. Believe that goodness and kindness are such investments that never fail.