Hydrochloric Acid

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Muriatic acid, or hydrochloric acid, is an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride. It is a colourless solution with a strong unpleasant odour. It is considered a strong acid.

Hydrochloric Acid Properties:

Properties Product Specification
Formula HCL
Made By GACL
Packing 35 kilogramme Carboys for Export Markets, 240kgHM-HDPE Barrels for Export CSRubberlined Road Tankers
Purity MercuryFree

Handling and Storage : Hydrochloric Acid

According to ACGIH standards, the threshold level in air is 5 ppm.

Hydrochloric Acid Structure

It is a component of gastric acid in most animal digestive systems, including humans. Hydrochloric acid is a vital laboratory reagent as well as an industrial chemical.

Ingredients and Specifications

Properties Product Specification
Sp. Gravity (at 2°C) 1.145
Hydrochloric Acid (as HCL) % 30.00 min
Iron (as Fe+++) ppm 1.00 max
Free Chlorine & Bromine % 0.020 max

Industries where Hydrochloric Acid is used

Manufacturers and researchers in the industrial sector keep coming up with new ideas for using Hydrochloric Acid . At present, this organic compound is used as:
  • Steel pickling and scale removal
  • Water treatment
  • Ore refining
  • Food processing
  • Chlorine Dioxide manufacture
  • Activation of Petroleum wells
  • Organic process catalyst
  • Removal of heavy metaJ from Carbon Black and Activated Carbon
  • Leaching Alumina from Crystalline Zeolities
  • Hydrolyzing agent

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