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HDPE Blow Granules

HDPE Blow Granules For Sale At Best Price :

High-Density Polyethylene(HDPE) Blow Granules stand at the forefront of modern plastic manufacturing, offering unparalleled quality and versatility. These granules are meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards, making them the preferred choice for a wide range of Blow molding applications.
As a famous manufacturer of plastic granules, our company specializes in the development and production of black HDPE injection molding types. Achieving these qualities uses a variety of pigments, especially carbon black. However, with our variety, the added color does not appear on the product surface. The provided granules are used in many industries for manufacturing plastic products. These granules are processed using the highest quality polyethylene and state-of-the-art technology as per set market standards. Our HDPE injection black grades are increasingly used in the manufacture of containers where the material is expected to be resistant to UV light & Our HDPE blow black grades can be used to manufacture blow molded containers/bottles for fuel tanks and other auto parts. These grades are made from waste residue from HDPE bottles and other consumer and industrial waste plastics.

HDPE Blow Granule Properties:

Properties Product Specification
CAS No. 57-13-6
U.N. No. 1547
Appearance Colorless liquid
Made By GNFC
Packing In 45 Kgs HDPE bags

Attributes of HDPE Blow Granules:

Exceptional Strength:

HDPE Blow Granules are renowned for their exceptional strength and toughness, ensuring superior performance in demanding applications. Whether used for packaging, containers, or other blow molding products, they deliver reliability and durability.

Excellent Processability:

With excellent melt flow properties, HDPE Blow Granules facilitate smooth and efficient processing during blow molding operations. This ensures high productivity and consistency in product quality.

Impact Resistance:

HDPE Blow Granules exhibit remarkable resistance to impact and external stresses, making them ideal for manufacturing products that require durability in harsh environments.

Chemical Resistance:

These granules are inherently resistant to chemicals, acids, and solvents, ensuring the integrity of the final product even when exposed to corrosive substances.

FDA Compliance:

HDPE Blow Granules meet stringent FDA regulations, making them suitable for applications where food contact is involved. They provide a safe and reliable packaging solution for food and beverage products.

Industrial Applications:

Manufacturers and researchers in the industrial sector keep coming up with new ideas for using HDPE Blow Granules. At present, this organic compound is used as:
  • Bottles and Containers: HDPE Blow Granules are widely used in the production of bottles, containers, and jerry cans for packaging various liquids such as water, beverages, detergents, and chemicals. Their durability and chemical resistance make them an ideal choice for packaging solutions.
  • Industrial Drums: These granules are favored for manufacturing industrial drums and barrels used for storing and transporting hazardous chemicals, oils, lubricants, and other industrial fluids. Their robustness ensures secure containment and reliable performance.
  • Industrial Drums: These granules are favored for manufacturing industrial drums and barrels used for storing and transporting hazardous chemicals, oils, lubricants, and other industrial fluids. Their robustness ensures secure containment and reliable performance.
  • Automotive Components:HDPE Blow Granules are utilized in the automotive industry for producing fuel tanks, reservoirs, and fluid containers. Their resistance to impact and chemicals makes them suitable for automotive applications that demand durability and safety.
  • Household Products: From detergent bottles to household cleaning containers, HDPE Blow Granules are extensively used in manufacturing various household products. Their versatility, strength, and chemical resistance make them an excellent choice for everyday use items.
  • Toys and Sporting Goods:These granules find applications in the production of toys, sporting goods, and recreational equipment due to their safety, durability, and ability to withstand rough handling.
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Product Name : HDPE Blow Granules
Packing : 25 Kg Bag
Brand : Import
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