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Cyanoguanidine, also known as dicyandiamde (DICY), is a white, crystalline chemical that is highly alkaline and water soluble. The substance in question is a dimer of cyanamide or cyanoguanidine, which is mostly used to make melamine. Additionally, epoxy resins, laminates for circuit boards, powder coatings, and adhesives are all cured using DICY.

Dicyandiamide Properties:

Properties Product Specification
Formula C2H4N4
Packing 25 kgs HDPE bags

Handling and Storage : Dicyandiamide

When not in use, keep the container closed. Store far from incompatible materials in a cold, dry environment. Engineering controls: Facilities storing or using this material should include a safety shower and an eyewash station. Maintain low airborne concentrations by using proper ventilation.

Dicyandiamide Structure

Cyanoguanidine, commonly known as dicyandiamide (DICY or DCD), is a non-volatile, non-hazardous, white crystalline powder having the chemical formula C2H4N4.

Ingredients and Specifications

Properties Product Specification
Appearance White crystal
Purity ( % ) ≥ 99.70
Moisture ( % ) ≤ 0.03
Melting Point (o C ) 209-212
Calcium Content (ug/g) 200
Solubility Test Passed

Industries where Dicyandiamide is used

Manufacturers and researchers in the industrial sector keep coming up with new ideas for using Dicyandiamide. At present, this organic compound is used as:
  • Timer, paper, and textile industries use flame-retardant additives.
  • Slow-release or ongoing nitrogen fertiliser
  • Agents that harden and cure epoxy resins
  • Coatings in powder
  • Diathermic coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Chemicals used in water treatment
  • repairing dye
  • use of pharmaceuticals
  • compound for PVC flooring stabilisation
  • Depressant of flotation in copper ores

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