Chlorinated paraffin wax

Chlorinated paraffin wax For Sale At Best Price :

Chlorination of straight-chained paraffin wax fractions produces chlorinated paraffin waxes (CPWs). Commercial chlorinated paraffin wax typically has a carbon chain length of 10 to 30 carbon atoms and a chlorine concentration of 40 to 70% by weight. Except for those with a long carbon chain length and a high chlorine concentration (70%), chlorinated paraffin waxes are viscous colourless or yellowish thick oils with low vapour pressures.

Chlorinated paraffin wax Properties:

Properties Product Specification
Formula CnH2n+2
Made By GACL
Packing 250 KGS. UNApproved HDPE Barrels ,ln Tanker load

Handling and Storage : Chlorinated paraffin wax

Avoid inhaling vapours if they come into contact with your eyes or skin.

Chlorinated paraffin wax Structure

Water, lower alcohols, glycerol, and glycols are nearly insoluble in chlorinated paraffin waxes, although they are soluble in chlorinated solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, ethers, mineral oils, and certain cutting oils. In unchlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons, they are fairly soluble. Because of the numerous potential sites for the chlorine atoms, chlorinated paraffin wax is composed of exceedingly complicated combinations.

Ingredients and Specifications

Properties Product Specification
Grade CP- 5O to 52 CP-60
Chlorine, 96 50 to 52 60to 62
Appearance White to Pale Yellow viscous liquid White to Light Yellow viscous liquid
PH 6.0to6.5 6.0to6.5
Sp. Gravity at 27C 1.280 + 0.01 1.40 + 0.01
Heat St3bility at 180C for 1 hour Colour turns to dark yellow I dark brown Colour turns to dark yellow I dark brown
Colour (HU) Max 80 80
Volatile loss 130° c/3 Hrs. % Max 1.0 1.0
Vlscocltv at 27"C (Poise) 18±6 1100±300
Refractive Index at 27"C 1.506±0.002 1.520±0.002
Free Mineral Acidity % Max 0.001 0.001
Paraffin Ranste Cl4- Cl9 C14-CI9

Industries where Chlorinated paraffin wax is used

Manufacturers and researchers in the industrial sector keep coming up with new ideas for using Chlorinated paraffin wax. At present, this organic compound is used as:
  • Secondary plasticizer in PVC compounding, pipes and hoses, cable compound,
  • footwear, leather cloth
  • Additive in lubricating oils

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