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The third most extensively produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world is polyvinyl chloride, also known as poly(vinyl chloride), polyvinyl, or just vinyl (after polyethylene and polypropylene). Each year, about 40 million tonnes of PVC are produced.

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Prakash chemicals Agencies We supply top-notch granules that are utilised to make a variety of pipe fittings, polyvinyl flooring, garden hoses, cable coatings, plumbing components, medical equipment, automotive parts, waterproof gear, toys, footwear, food packaging, and other items.

PVC Characteristics

Characteristics Characteristics
Durability Corrosion resistance
Chemical resistance Flame resistance

OPaL LLDPE Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE has a stronger tensile strength and better impact and puncture resistance than its low-density polyethylene (LDPE) opponent, which has led to its increased popularity. These characteristics allow for stronger, yet thinner films, which saves material and lowers costs. Due to LLDPE's superior durability compared to competing goods, new application fields have become available.


Around 80% of LLDPE is used worldwide for film applications, including food and non-food packaging, shrink/stretch film, and non-packaging uses. Other uses for LLDPE include extrusion coating and injection moulding.

Technical Data Sheets LLDPE

Extrusion Grades Film Grades Injection/Compounding Gradesction Molding Rotational Molding
LL E2507 LL F2001A LL M2525 LL T3804
- LL F2001S LL M2550 LL T3804U
- LL F2002A - -
- LL F2002S - -

Food Contact Declaration

LL F2001S LL E2507 LL T3804U LL D2001S
LL F2001A LL M2550 LL F2002S -
LL T3804 LL F2002A LL M2525 -

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