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PP Polypropylene

PP Applications

HDPE applications in Sanitation and agriculture
Medical & Healthcare
  • Disposable injectable syringes, medication packaging, clear IV fluid bags, and other non-woven materials are used to keep children, mothers, and the elderly healthy and clean. Non-woven materials are also used to protect healthcare workers from infections.
HDPE application in Infrastructure and Industrial
Rigid & flexible packaging
  • OPaL is one of the widely utilised materials in film extrusion because of its outstanding puncture resistance, low sealing threshold, and affordable pricing. Applications for the film market can be categorised into three primary categories:
HDPE application in Rigid and Bulk Packaging
Infrastructure & Industrial
  • OPaL PP is appropriate for packaging goods like sugar, food grains, cement, etc. OPaLene-based FIBC bags are frequently used for bulk packaging applications such as those for pharmaceuticals, intermediates, dangerous chemicals, etc. In the construction of roads and bridges, geotextiles and geogrid are frequently utilised.
HDPE application in Housewares
Furniture & Housewares
  • Furniture manufactured of OPaLene is incredibly light and transportable due to its low density. Additionally, this furniture stands out for its strength and stiffness, which ensures a durable item that is challenging to destroy.
HDPE application in Housewares
Automotive Industry
  • The future of transportation is being shaped by the use of high-performance polymers in automobiles, which offer the safety and security we require while enhancing fuel efficiency by lowering weight. Car bumpers, gasoline tanks, and even the carpet strands in the flooring are regularly found to contain OPaLene PP.
HDPE application in Housewares
  • Extrusion coating grade, excellent flow, good softness. Lamination for woven sacks, tarpaulin in blend with LLDPE.

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A stiff, crystalline thermoplastic polymer with the trade name Polypropylene (PP), also referred to as Polypropene, is used in a wide range of applications.

It has a unique mix of physical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical qualities not found in any other thermoplastic and is easily accessible and reasonably priced. Polypropylene has better working temperature and tensile strength than polyethylene, but having a lower impact strength.

OPaL PP Polypropylene Characteristics

Characteristics Characteristics
Due to its semi-crystalline structure, it has a high flexural strength. (0.9 g/cm3) Low density
Exceptional chemical resistance to degreasing chemicals, organic solvents, and electrolytic attack Good acoustical qualities
Lightweight and able to withstand strain Excellent mould surface emulation Excellent water vapour barrier Recyclable

OPaL PP Polypropylene

PP has a density of 0.895 to 0.93 g/cm3 on average. PP is the commodity plastic with the lowest density as a result. A greater number of components can be made from a given quantity of plastic by moulding parts with a lower density. Contrary to polyethylene, the density of the crystalline and amorphous areas barely varies. Fillers, however, can drastically alter the density of polyethylene.

Polypropylene Uses

Normally, polypropylene is resilient and malleable, particularly when copolymerized with ethylene. As a result, polypropylene can compete with substances like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene as an engineering plastic (ABS). Polypropylene is fairly affordable.

PP Polypropylene

Film Grades Injection Molding Grades Raffia Fiber and Extrusion Grades
- - PP RH38

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