LLDPE Applications

HDPE applications in Sanitation and agriculture
  • Because it is affordable, simple to produce, incredibly durable, and flexible, OPaLene LLDPE is used in many of the most significant agricultural applications, including plastic mulch films and silage wrap. Drip irrigation pipes are another important use that greatly aids in water conservation.
HDPE application in Infrastructure and Industrial
FMCG Flexible Packaging
  • LLDPE plays a crucial role for any flexible laminate or multi-layer packaging film used for FMCG products including coffee, tea, shampoo, and deodorant. Other examples include chips, cookies, milk pouches, edible oil pouches, PET foods, spices, and coffee and tea.
HDPE application in Rigid and Bulk Packaging
Infrastructure & Industrial
  • Manufacturing rotationally moulded goods used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, such as water tanks, traffic cones, road barriers, industrial storage tanks for chemicals, golf carts, and parts of drainage and effluent systems, is one of the main uses of OPaLene.
HDPE application in Housewares
Masterbatches and Compounds
  • For the creation of a variety of colour and additive masterbatches (concentrates), as well as speciality compounds, high-flow grades are utilised as a carrier resin. characteristics of tight to broad molecular weight distribution and higher flow
HDPE application in Housewares
Rotational Moulded products
  • Narrow MWD, Excellent processabilty, good impact strength & stiffness excellent internal & External surface finish. Overhead water tanks, loft tanks, septic tanks, chemical storage tanks, toys, furniture, injection moulded technical parts and closure.
HDPE application in Housewares
  • Extrusion coating grade, excellent flow, good softness. Lamination for woven sacks, tarpaulin in blend with LLDPE.

Buy OPaL LLDPE Low Density Polyethylene at Best Price

By copolymerizing ethylene with short-chain alpha-olefins, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), a linear polymer with a sizable number of short branches, is created (i.e., for instance, 1-butene, 1-hexene and 1-octene).

LLDPE, which replaces its predecessor Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) in many applications, has a density range of 0.9150 - 0.925 g/cm3. An improved version of LDPE known as LLDPE possesses tensile strength, flexibility, and enhanced impact and puncture resistance.

LLDPE Characteristics

Characteristics Characteristics
A strong resistance to acids, alkalis, and alcohol High impact and tensile strength
Excellent resilience to punctures Adaptable and lengthens under pressure
Tolerant to chemicals Low absorption of water
Outstanding insulating qualities Natural and translucent milky colour

OPaL LLDPE Low Density Polyethylene

LLDPE has a stronger tensile strength and better impact and puncture resistance than its low-density polyethylene (LDPE) opponent, which has led to its increased popularity. These characteristics allow for stronger, yet thinner films, which saves material and lowers costs. Due to LLDPE's superior durability compared to competing goods, new application fields have become available.


Around 80% of LLDPE is used worldwide for film applications, including food and non-food packaging, shrink/stretch film, and non-packaging uses. Other uses for LLDPE include extrusion coating and injection moulding.

Technical Data Sheets LLDPE

Extrusion Grades Film Grades Injection/Compounding Gradesction Molding Rotational Molding
LL E2507 LL F2001A LL M2525 LL T3804
- LL F2001S LL M2550 LL T3804U
- LL F2002A - -
- LL F2002S - -

Food Contact Declaration

LL F2001S LL E2507 LL T3804U LL D2001S
LL F2001A LL M2550 LL F2002S -
LL T3804 LL F2002A LL M2525 -

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