HDPE Applications

HDPE application in Rigid and Bulk Packaging
Rigid and Bulk Packaging
  • is employed in many packaging applications, such as the creation of jerry cans, drums, milk jugs, detergent bottles, industrial containers, crates, and fruit juice caps for food packaging.
HDPE application in Housewares
Excellent Process ability & Tenacity
  • Raffia tapes for woven sacks & Tarpaulin, Knitted nets for crop protection, “Raschel” sacks for vegetable ropes.
HDPE application in Housewares
Excellent ESCR and good external appearance
  • High ESCR containers/bottles up to 10L for packing of pesticides, surfactant & cosmetics, shampoo.
HDPE applications in Sanitation and agriculture
Sanitation and agriculture
  • OPaLene is ideal for use in high-pressure pipelines, drainage pipes, agriculture, sanitation & irrigation to many other key piping applications as a means of transporting and distributing potable water at a greater distance due to its high resistance to corrosion, exceptional weather tolerance, lightweight, and flexible qualities.
HDPE application in Housewares
  • is the most popular material for household goods, making it ideal for a variety of items that may spend a lot of time indoors or outside, such as outdoor patio furniture, playground equipment, storage containers, garbage and recycling bins, etc.
HDPE application in Infrastructure and Industrial
Infrastructure and Industrial
  • One of the most important characteristics that makes OPaLene a preferred option for fertiliser manufacturers is its waterproofness. OPaLene is a flexible, strong, and tear-resistant material that makes woven bags that are perfect for heavy-duty packing. It is frequently used for applications including mosquito nets, fishing nets, ropes, and twines. It is also known as monofilaments.

HDPE Characteristics

Characteristics Characteristics
Melting point: 120°140°C Outstanding insulating qualities
Density ranges from 0.93 to 0.97 g/cm3 A high level of water resistance
Can be moulded into any desired shape Low friction coefficient
Impact resistant A strong tensile capacity
Resistant to alcohols, dilute acids and alkalis A cheap polymer with strong processing capabilities
Long-lasting and weather resistant Very little water is absorbed.

Buy OPaL HDPE Granules in Bulk High Density Polyethylene at Best Price

High Density Polyethylene, sometimes known as HDPE, is one of the most widely used thermoplastic materials on the market right now. This incredibly adaptable polymer, which has a very high strength to density ratio, is used to make plastic containers, carrier bags, wire insulation, toys, kitchenware, home items, and more.

When compared to linear low-density polyethylene, HDPE is renowned for its superior water vapour barrier characteristics, rigidity, and high-temperature tolerance (LLDPE). HDPE has a low degree of branching, which results in better intermolecular forces and tensile strength than LLDPE, despite the fact that its density is just marginally higher.

OPaL HDPE High Density Polyethylene

High DPE cannot be glued since it is resistant to a wide range of solvents. Welding is required to create pipe junctions. The moulding technique used to create a particular sample can affect the physical properties of HDPE; to some extent, this is influenced by the globally standardised testing procedures used to determine these parameters for a particular process. For instance, rotational moulding uses the notched constant tensile load test (NCTL) to gauge a sample's susceptibility to environmental stress cracking.

HDPE Structure

The most popular plastic, polyethylene, which makes up over 34% of the global plastic market, is a kind of HDPE. It is a polymer comprised of a sizable number of repeating units (sometimes referred to as monomers), and its usual chemical formula is (C2H4)n. High density polyethylene has relatively little branching (when compared to other categories of polyethylene). Below is an illustration of the general HDPE structure.

Technical Data Sheets_HDPE

Blow Molding Grade Film Grades Injection Molding Grades Pipe Grades Raffia/Yarn Grades
HD B55H03 HD F52H04 HD M5220 HD P50H03 HD R5410
HD B5004 - HD M6008 HD P51H10 HD Y5710
HD B6003 - HD M6008U HD P5002 -
HD B55H02 - - - -

Food Contact Declaration

HD M5220 HD B6003 HD B55H03 HD B5004 HD P50H03
HD F52H04 HD B55H02 HD M6008 HD R5410 HD Y5710
HD F5010 HD P51H10 HD P5002 HDPE M6008 U -

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